Jawi Shop  is an online site selling various flavors of perfume oils and where you can find all the international and Arabian well known brands.

‏Jawi Shop provides a collection of oud oils, incense, air fresheners, amber and musk needed for the manufacturing of perfumes, soap, etc.
‏The business started since 2010, and before six years ago, our products became available for sale globally through the website. Our small shop is located in the middle of the commercial capital in Kuwait (Al Mubarakiya).

Jawi Shop customers are from all over the world. Some of them are those who own shops and we provide them with needed perfume supplements. Other customers are those who make perfumes for their personal purposes.

‏The suggestions of the visitors are always most welcomed in order to develop a better service.
‏For more inquiries and suggestions, please contact us through WhatsApp No. (+965)90013700 , Email :     Afkarq886@gmail.com , or fill out the form below.